Lechon Belly

lechon belly

When we celebrate the holiday season, we forget about our diet and indulge (and later on bulge! 😀 ) with every food that come across …

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Red Paella


¡Hola! Here’s my own version of Red Paella Rice. I use red rice for those who are health buffs.     Enjoy!

Slow Cooked Beef Stew with an Asian Twist

Slow cooked beef

For busy moms, whenever you feel that you like to have something special on the table next day, but you don’t want to rush things and look haggard on the day when guests are arriving. I suggest this dish. It will certainly do the trick.

Easy Brownie Recipe

Easy Brownie Recipe by Louise Mabulo

Brownies, like cupcakes, are definitely easy to bake. It’s no brainer. Just follow the instructions and you’ll have homemade brownies.
You can surprise your love one by preparing this recipe. Thanks to Ms. Christine Gallary for the recipe.

Filipino Sushi

Filipino sushi by Chef Louise Mabulo

Your favorite Japanese recipe just got Filipinized with my version of the sushi. If you think this is hard to prepare, why don’t you just …

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Beef Ribs Caldereta

Beef Ribs Caldereta

I remember my Mom having to rush things in the morning for her daily chores and other important activities during to start the day. Then …

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