Throwback JMC: Lessons Learned

Louise Mabulo, 14, on Junior Master Chef

Junior Master Chef Pinoy Edition last aired in February 2012 but memories of the cooking competition are so fresh in my mind, it seems just like yesterday. Landing the finals was a great achievement by itself and though I did not make it to the top four slots, I felt like a winner.

Origin of Paella


  Paella is a Spanish rice dish. According to my research,the dish sort of like the union of two cultures from Spain; the Romans which …

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Learning. Growing. Being Louise!

What’s it like to be me? Well, that’s quite a complex question. I’m a growing up kid – all of 15 years, a teener like many others. I’d like to give you an idea of what life is like for me in this part of the world – and I’d like to do it in bits and pieces.

Chocolate Roll with Nutella

Louise Mabulo's Flourless Choco Roll with Nutella

Nutella and chocolate combined? Too good to be true, huh? I love chocolate and Nutella, so I thought of bringing them together in this recipe. I hope you’ll make one for your kids. For sure, they would love this.

Pinakbet with Kamote

Chef Louise Mabulo's pinakbet with kamote

Usually, we put squash or kalabasa in our Pinakbet.  To give it a little twist, I added kamote (sweet potatoes) instead. This adds some sweetness …

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