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Hi! I'm Louise Mabulo - Teenage Chef!

Hi! I’m Louise Mabulo – Teenage Chef!

Hi, I’m Louise Emmanuelle Mabulo! I cook, I travel, I write. I’m a teenage Chef! 😀

I love cooking – that’s the reason why I landed as the Pinoy Junior Master Chef finalist. On top of that, I am an Ambassador for Breville Philippines and also for Operation Smile.

I may only be 15 years old but you can definitely expect wonders from me. I was called to judge prestigious culinary competitions in several expos for well-known Universities and Colleges in Manila. Every now and then, I hold cooking demos and workshops for big events, TV shows and expos, such as MAFBEX and WOFEX.

I have several of my own signature dishes featured in restaurants all around the Philippines.

Pinoy from the UK

 I was raised in the United Kingdom and there, I was exposed to the culinary world in all its diversity. My British background has greatly influenced me and helped shape who I am today. (Although simple, fish & chips and Indian curries will always be a part of who I am.) While living in the U.K. I learned all about gastronomy, I learned to appreciate each different kind of cheese, from Brie, to Mozzarella, to the blue cheeses. My Philippine background, on the other hand, led me to love the humble cheddars.

I love salmon, duck, foie gras, lamb and venison. I was quite picky about my choice of chocolates. Now, being a proud Filipino, and living In the Philippines, I learned to appreciate Philippine cuisine and all our comforting local dishes.

My two backgrounds inspire me to cook and fuse Philippine and international cuisine.

More than food

 As a teen-ager, other than my interest in culinary, I also love traveling and discover the sights, sounds and food of each destination I go to. I love sports. When not out exploring nature, I go to malls, and enjoy staycation in hotels. Of course, it goes without saying, I’m a foodie, so I try every restaurant wherever I go. I live life to the fullest!

“Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart” Psalm 37:4

To give back, I help local charities and organizations and I do talks for kids hoping to inspire and lead our generation. Being a homeschooler keeps me free to do anything that I love and keeps me available for all my events. I gladly use my God-given skills, not only for myself and others, but to serve God and please Him in all that I do.

You will surely learn new and exciting recipes from me. From appetizer to main course, desserts, crepes and even flambe plus cooking techniques and basic kitchen skills – you’ll find it all here!

I tweak original recipes, make dishes from scratch, create healthy twist to food! I slice, flip, toss, roast, sautee, boil, grill, glaze, fry, puree, steam, oh the endless possibilities in the name of cooking!!!

Welcome to my kitchen.

I cook, I pray, I eat. This is me,

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