Bistro United

After a long day working on an up and coming project, I spent a crazy night at this cool new Filipino restaurant called Bistro United.  Located in Kapitolyo, it’s a bright and ambient place to sit back, relax and be amazed by some of the craziest dishes imaginable.

Bistro United Dinner with Chef Mia

Dinner at Bistro United, Photo Credits to Tita Alu Aran

Crazy Ice Cream Flavours

The highlight of the night, I believe, was the dessert. Now, we’ve already seen some kickass ice cream flavours, like chili ice cream, bacon ice cream, chocolate chili bacon ice cream, rice ice cream and plenty more, but Bistro United’s ice cream flavour takes the cake!

Want to venture a guess at what it is? Go ahead….

Insert Drumroll here

Crazy Ice Cream Flavour, Tilapia Ice Cream at Bistro United louisemabulo.com

TILAPIA ICE CREAM at Bistro United


I know, insane, right? True enough, when the tilapia ice cream arrived at our table, everyone looked on dubiously, as if fins might sprout out of it… I was probably the only one who dove in without a second thought.

The Brave soul who dared try fish ice cream

Me enjoying Tilapia Ice Cream at Bistro United photo credits to Tita Alu Aran

Good thing, it tasted good! Fish ice cream is, surprisingly, not fishy at all! Due to some sorcery by Chef Mia, the owner and executive chef of Bistro United, all that’s left behind is tilapia’s creamy flavour profiles and this cheesy taste, well complemented by the chili flakes served on top.

Definitely a must-try for those brave enough!

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