Plantation Bay experience

Imagine a Paradise

Try to take a second and imagine a beautiful sunny paradise with dainty little homes, gazebos, sandy beaches, endless swimming pools with tiny islands dotted within them and hammocks and benches scattered here and there.

Plantation Bay getaway

Relaxing by the Plantation Bay Resort

That’s exactly what Plantation Bay resort is. Quite literally a place where you can just get away and pretend the outside world and its problems are light-years away. It’s a place where you can just kick back and bask in the sun while the gentle warm breeze sways your weaved hammock to and fro.

Scenery from my cabana in Plantation Bay

View from my window in Plantation Bay Resort

Well, that’s what I wanted to do if I didn’t have a morning flight to catch! I hurriedly packed all my bags and made the most of my time with my family there while I could!

By the poolside of Plantation Bay with my family

Exploring Plantation Bay with my family

Despite trying to explore the several hectare resort, I wasn’t able to visit their archery range, breakfast buffet or their countless other swimming pools (aaawwh) due to the time constraint, and simply, the massive size of the resort! I mean, I needed to ride a golf cart just to get around!

Golf Cart ride through Plantation Bay resort

My ride around Plantation Bay Resort

But anyway, it’s definitely on my list of must-go-to local getaways!

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