Ibiza, MovenPick, Cebu Experience

A Night over the white sand beach

My trip to Cebu went by in a flurry of food and hotels, which, to be honest, is the best way to go if you’re to rush a trip. One of the places we went to was this amazing place called MövenPick. It looked like some out of this world resort!
We had dinner at Ibiza which is a deck overlooking the clear beach, and when I say overlooking, I mean you can literally hang over the beach from the hammocks which suspend from the deck.

Ibiza MovenPick Cebu Hammocks by the beach

Hammocks suspended over the beach in Ibiza MovenPick Cebu

The view was just the start, though. The dinner was an immaculate array of some beautifully cooked meats and seafood which were carried over on a giant rod and sliced right in front of you. I can barely recount the amount of food that passed under my nose! There were grilled shrimps, squid, parrotfish, there were beef ribs, rib-eyes, lamb chops, sirloins, chicken, there was even ostrich meat for goodness sake!

Roasted Beef, juicy, being carved right in front of you in Ibiza MovenPick Cebu

Juicy Roasted Beef being carved in MovenPick Cebu

Grilled Barbeque Prawns

Stunning Skewered Grilled Prawns

And while you inhale the unlimited amount of food carved in front of you, you could also jam along to the live entertainment. Millennial or not, I was transported back to the 70’s and the 80’s by their live musicians and dancers.

Live music at MovenPick Cebu

After a long day, I finally get to relax to live music at Ibiza, MovenPick, Cebu, with my family


What could get better than sipping wine over the beach while listening to old timey music and being served amazing food as if I was Cleopatra? Well, if you were me, it’s being served some unique ice cream for afters’! Despite being stuffed to the brim, I topped the night off with two scoops of frozen creamy deliciousness, no less!

My choices of Ice Cream in MovePick Cebu to top off the night!

An array of Ice Cream flavours to choose from

Ice Cream and Wine at MovenPick Ibiza Cebu

My two scoops of Ice Cream and a glass of wine to top off the night!

What a night it was! It felt unreal to think that I was still in the Philippines after stepping out of Ibiza. (I blame it on the wine) But if anything, I was transported, once again, to another paradise where I spent the night (and practically buckled over) onto a fluffy bed in Plantation Bay! (See my experience the by clicking on this link) Oh what a spoiled little girl I was!

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