Yabu Restaurant Review

I’m not a pro when it comes to Japanese cuisine. I heard it takes 10 years to get there, and counting back, I should have started when I was 6 years old if I wanted to be one now. Although, even an amateur would know when they’re being served extremely good, delicious, well prepared food, when they sit down to generous heaps of Katsu at Yabu.

Louise Mabulo at Yabu
Louise Mabulo at Yabu


The ambience at Yabu Aura was the first thing I adored, followed by their food. Hidden from the bustling crowds at the skypark, it is still visited by many who want to enjoy succulent slices of meat and unlimited sides. Being a neat and tidy eater, who really doesn’t take into consideration the size of portions, I was astounded at the large trays coming in and out of their kitchens, packed with all sorts of meals. I always, always leave their restaurant full and satisfied.

To me, there would be no downsides to Yabu, however, for many people interested in going, I’d have to forewarn you about the large hungry crowds waiting for their seats outside of Yabu. Despite the large space, it gets full of people fast. The wait, though, is definitely worth it.

Might I also add not to get carried away by the unlimited sides and varieties of katsu; there are so many, from the cabbage, to the pickles, to the miso soup, to the rice, to the katsu sauce, oh I could go on and on and on. But remember: Save space for dessert! I never really do save space for dessert, but the kind and always smiling people at Yabu Aura, served me one of the most delicious, moist and spongy lava cakes, topped with the most amazing strawberry ice cream I’ve ever had! It even had bits of real strawberry in it, and was nothing like the ice creams you’ll find at the Supermarkets. (Thank you again for that experience Yabu!)

Yes, I am a spoiled little girl!

If you haven’t heard of them yet, well you should have by now, and if you’ve been thinking about having dinner there, do it now!


Louise at Yabu Restaurant

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