Drop by for Crispy Pata at F. Baylosis in Batangas

F.Baylosis, Batangas


Sure, there are tons of things to do in Batangas, whether you’re there on vacation, visiting relatives, or just passing by. No doubt the people there are charming and there is just so much to try, BUT there is one place you’ll definitely have time for no matter what your schedule is.

A visit to Batangas is never complete without stopping by F. Baylosis and ordering some of their Crispy Pata! Better yet, order some Chicharon Bulaklak as your appetizer and forget about your diet, just for a little while. Definitely the most sinful appetizer and main course combo, but totally worth it!

One of the perks of having been in Junior MasterChef, was meeting Trisha, my co-contestant and close friend, who introduced me to her family restaurant. They are one of the most happy and generous families I’ve come to know.

While I was there, I took advantage of my youth and teenage metabolism, and I practically inhaled platefuls of chicharon bulaklak and ate Crispy Pata to my hearts content. It was crispy crunchy on the outside, which contrasted to the tender, gelatinous meat beneath the skin. Then I had a healthy fruit platter for dessert and some buko shakes (how ironic). I may have not-so shockingly put on an extra pound or two, but who could pass up the opportunity?

I loved how the branches of F.Baylosis are unique in their own ways, where one branch is actually an old house, and the other has a mixed-up theme at every corner. I was able to visit each of them, while trading stories from Junior MasterChef with Trisha.

It was definitely the best place to talk about food without going hungry.Louise at F. Baylosis
Crispy Pata at F. Baylosis

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