“Last Filipina Standing”

archery competition

I’ve always loved archery and being dubbed the “Last Filipina Standing” in an international archery competition is just wonderful. I say this with a HUGE thank you to Choose Philippines which posted the article here. I managed to bag fourth place in the Beginners’ Division of the recently held Manila-Hong Kong Archery Friendship Cup in Mongkok, Hong Kong, which was a great opportunity. I’d like to thank everyone who has ‘liked’ the page here and over at ABS-CBN. Reaally big hugs to all!

It hasn’t been too long since this event and I’d really like to share my own experiences with all of you, which might take a while to collect all my thoughts and gather myself up to write something, since my head is still thrumming from the adrenaline of that day. In the meantime, please head over to the story on the Choose Philippines website.

I do promise to post some more exclusive photos and try to give an inside story on the event. We also have a lot things planned for this website as we get ready for a formal launch, very, very soon. Remember to check my website often, we have a lot of plans to really keep things cookin’ here. Stay tuned!

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